• Russell Stewart

Reflections on The Campaign

Friends and Neighbors,

Before the votes are counted, I’d like to share my reflections on this year’s CHV municipal election experience.

During the campaign it’s too easy to forget that we live in the best city in Colorado. We wake every day to stunningly beautiful vistas. Our schools, parks, trails, and recreational opportunities are second-to-none. Our friends and neighbors are smart, friendly, and accomplished. There is no better place to raise a family. We all want to preserve the best of what we have for our children and our children’s children.

This campaign was not about personal character. I know all the current incumbents. They are individuals of integrity who care deeply about the Village. They are volunteers who at substantial personal sacrifice have made great contributions to our community. They always act in what they believe to be the best interest of our Village, and they deserve our heartfelt thanks. Through the campaign I have come to know the challengers. They also have high personal integrity and share a devotion to our Village. They too deserve our appreciation and thanks for stepping forward and expressing their views and positions on important Village issues. I will of course enthusiastically support whichever candidates are elected next week.

I ran for Mayor this year because I believed it was important to begin a public discussion about several important issues. I’m gratified that over these last several weeks consensus has emerged about shelving the roundabout, returning Kent Denver land, and using the South Suburban bonus solely for “Parks and Recreation Purposes.” Win or lose, I hope that the next Council will consider my suggestions for reforms. These include amending our municipal Code/Charter to:

  1. Provide a taxpayer vote before incurring multiple-year debt, whether by lease-to-purchase agreements or otherwise;

  2. Extend to landowners the protections of the Supreme Court Nolan and Dolan decisions;

  3. Incorporate the requirements of § 31-23-209, C.R.S. requiring P&Z approval before authorization or construction of any street, park, building, or other public ways or facilities; and

  4. Provide for election of six Council members by district and adding 2 at large members.

Finally, I want to thank all of those who provided me with personal encouragement to run for mayor and hosted neighborhood get-togethers for the campaign. And of course a special thanks to all my friends and neighbors involved with Save Quincy and Charge 2018 who care deeply and passionately about our community. I’ve enjoyed every minute of listening and conversing with neighbors that but for the campaign I would not have met.


All the best,

Russell Stewart

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