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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Friends and Neighbors,

Watch for the candidate profiles to be published in the October edition of the Village Crier. If the paper isn't delivered to your home, it will soon be updated to Cherry Hills' archive. My profile is reprinted below:


Russell O. Stewart

Position Running for: Mayor

Address: 10 Sandy Lake Road, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113


Number of years resident of Colorado: 60

Number of years resident of Cherry Hill Village: 19;;

(303) 607-3688

Information from the Candidate (Word limit = 500):

What I value about CHV: I value our neighbors, history, parks, trails, schools and neighborhoods. I grew up on the pumpkin farm in Greenwood Village, where I raised cattle, corn, and alfalfa. I attended Curtis Elementary School, a three-room schoolhouse that is now the Curtis Center for the Arts. During summers in high school I drove tractors for South Suburban Park and Recreation District and mowed the banks of the High Line Canal.

Occupation/Education: Retired Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP. B.A. Political Economy, Colorado College 1981; J.D. University of Michigan, 1984. I placed a copy of my CV on the website

Local Civic Service: Cherry Hills Village City Council District 2 Representative, 2006-2015; Mayor Pro Tem 2008-2015; Chair, Quincy Farm Committee 2015-2018; District 1 Representative, Arapahoe County Open Space and Trails Advisory Board; High Line Canal Working Group; Cherry Hills Land Preserve; President, Buell Mansion HOA.

Reasons for Seeking Office:

If elected:

  • I will give citizens a vote whether to create substantial multiple-year debt, such as the $11.5 million that the City recently borrowed, without a taxpayer vote, to finance the new City Center, the Public Works facility, and Meade Park improvements.

  • I will honor the City’s 2002 promise to taxpayers that additional revenues that the City will receive (starting in 2020) from withdrawing from the South Suburban Park and Recreation District be committed to (1) purchasing open space; (2) improving existing parks; and (3) reducing taxes.

  • I will require that the Planning and Zoning Commission approve any changes to the “location, character, and extent” of existing streets, parks, and other public areas before the City acquires property or authorizes improvements.

  • I will protect private landowners from having their property taken for public use without payment, and return property taken by City without compensation for construction of a roundabout at Quincy and Colorado Boulevard.

  • I will partner with non-profit organizations to provide fundraising, volunteers, and programming for the historic Quincy Farm property.

  • I will work with the High Line Conservancy to preserve and enhance High Line Canal trail and tree canopy for future generations, and manage the change of the Canal from a water delivery ditch to a magnificent 900 acre linear park.

  • I will allow residents to install speed bumps when requested by 80% of neighbors, and ask Planning and Zoning to address city-wide traffic challenges in its update of the Master Plan.

  • I will implement the recommendations of the 2014 Citizen’s Utility Committee to place the City’s overhead powerlines underground.

  • I will protect property values by enforcing the Master Plan and by assuring that regulations are written and applied sensibly to enhance, not diminish, our community.

  • I will propose video recordings of Council and Commission sessions and make them available for public access.

  • I will propose changes to the City Charter to elect Council members by district; add two at-large Council seats; define the Mayor’s duties; and require voter approval for Certificate of Participation financing.

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