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Village Crier Mayor's Reports 2019 - 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I'm posting below links to my monthly Mayors Reports published in the Village Crier.

February 2019

New Construction

Fiscal Concerns

Planning and Zoning

Public Safety

Open Space/Quincy Farm


Master Plan

Cell Phone Coverage

March 2019

Highline Canal Underpass

Cantitoe Litigation


CML Legislative Initiatives

April 2019

Public Safety

Quincy Farm

Swastika Acres

May 2019


Mental Health/Suicide Prevention

Highline Canal Plan

University Turn-Lane Striping

Spring Clean Up

June 2019

MetroPlex Draft EA

July 2019

Tribute to Judge Richard P. Matsch

August 2019

MetroPlex Draft EA

CML Annual meeting/legal update

September 2019

Kent Denver/Quincy Traffic

John Meade Park/

Arapahoe County OpenSpace and Trails Advisory Board (OSTAB)

Public Safety -- "Notify Me"

October 2019

Glenmoor Traffic Signal

Utility Undergrounding/Quincy

Public Safety

Judge Turre/Municipal Court

November 2019

CHV Ranked Number 1 in Public Safety

Belleview Medians

Development Code Modernization

December 2019

Thorsen retirement

2020 Budget

South Suburban Recreation District Final Payment

January 2020

Belleview Station I-25

General Assembly 2020 Agenda


February 2020

Metroplex Final EA

CHV Ethics Code

ADA sidewalk repair

Door-to-Door sales

March 2020

Public Safety/Sack/Crime map

High Line Canal Collaborative

State ballot questions

April 2020

City Council Live Stream Start

City Manager Search

High Line Canal Underpass construction


May 2020

COVID-19 lockdown

Hampden Canal underpass

June 2020

COVID Shelter at Home Order

Virtual Food Drive

July 2020

Public Safety/George Floyd Act

Sanitary Sewer District Consolidation

August 2020

Quincy Farm private conservation easement

September 2020

Quincy Farm Committee proposal

Letter of interest

October 2020

Last year recap

City Council Meetings Live Streamed

Public Safety Crime statistics

Glenmoore Traffic Signal

Belleview Medians

John Meade Park

Canal Underpass

Quincy Ave Utility undergrounding

Sewer Consolidation

Code Modernization

Swastika Acres

November 2020


General Fund

Park and Rec Fund

Capital Fund

Lottery Fund


Long Range Finance Forecast

December 2020

Gallagher Repeal

Property Tax explanation

Colorado Municipal League 2021 initiatives

January 2021

Fixes to Law Enforcement Integrity Act

Cap on liability

Body camera funding

“Contact” for data collection

Due process before decertification

Limit liability to excessive force

February 2021

Quincy Farm requests for proposals

March 2021

Metro Mayors Caucus

April 2021

History of Sales Tax in CHV

Wayfair Decision

May 2021


Public Safety/LEIA

Home childcare facilities

June 2021

Apprehension and Conviction of Tre Miekale Carrasco

FBI Crime Statistics - one of safety in CHV

July 2021

Emails and Open Meetings Law

City Manager Finalists

Retaliation Against Elected Officials

HOA Flag and Sign Restrictions

HOA Turf and Solar Panel Restrictions

August 2021

Mayor Kuhlman and Municipal Term Limits

Mayor Coffman and Campaign Finance

Baily/felony and Public Office

Cedar Point/Union Right of Access

Vulgar Speech and First Amendment/employees

September 2021

Quincy Farm History

October 2021

Summary of remarks from the 75+1 CHV celebration

November 2021

Public Safety/Officer Sack conviction of Angelo Alstead

Sanitary Sewer

Opening of the High Line Underpass

Quincy Utility Lines

Canal Collaborative


December 2021

Chief Tovrea Retirement

Public Safety/Cherry Hills Village Police Foundation

November 2021 Election Results for School Board

Approval of OSTAB ¼ of 1 percent sales tax

January 2022

Village Master Plan Legal Framework

Municipal Term Limits

February 2022

Utility Undergrounding in CHV History

Requiring XCEL Competitive Bidding

March 2022

American Rescue Plan Act

Options for use of ARPA Funds

April 2022

Highline Canal Stormwater Master Plan

Colorado General Assembly 2022 Legislative Update

May 2022

Colorado Municipal League In Depth

June 2022

Introducing Jason Lyons, new Chief of Police

Introducing Doug Farmen, new Finance Director

July 2022

Possible November 2022 Sales Tax Ballot Questions

August 2022

Police Body Cameras

Workforce Housing

Amendments to City Construction Times and Noise Limits

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