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Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Residents of our community recently have weathered controversial City initiatives to construct a new public works facility in the Covington/Albion neighborhood and build a traffic roundabout at Quincy Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Both proposals were hastily conceived and by-passed regular procedures that are designed to assure compliance with the City’s master plan. These exhausting controversies and debates were unnecessary.

I am announcing today my decision to run for the office of Mayor of Cherry Hills Village. If elected here is what I will and will not do:

  • I will give citizens a voice and vote on proposals to increase long-term City debt to pay for projects such as the new City Hall and the new Public Works building.

  • I will honor the City’s 2002 promise to taxpayers that annual revenues the City will receive (starting in 2020) from withdrawing from South Suburban Park and Recreation District be committed to (1) purchasing open space (2) improving existing parks and (3) reducing taxes.

  • I will require that the Planning and Zoning Commission approve the “location, character, and extent” of any changes to streets and other public areas before the City acquires private property and before proposed changes are placed on Council’s agenda.

  • I will require Parks Trails and Recreation Commission to approve any proposed changes to the trail system.

  • I will partner with non-profit organizations to provide fundraising, volunteers, and programming for the historic Quincy Farm property.

  • I will work with the Highline Conservancy to preserve and enhance Highline Canal trail and tree canopy for future generations, and manage the change of the Canal from a water delivery system to a linear park and storm drainage facility.

  • I will allow residents to install speed control humps when requested by 80% of neighbors, and I will create a Citizens Traffic Commission address city-wide traffic challenges and update the master plan.

  • I will respect and implement the recommendations of the 2014 Citizen’s Utility Committee to place the City’s overhead powerlines underground.

  • I will limit Council review of Planning and Zoning quasi-judicial decisions.

  • I will protect CHV property values by vigilant adherence to the master plan and by assuring that development regulations are written and applied sensibly to enhance, not diminish, our community.

  • I will provide for video recordings of Council and Commission sessions and make available for public access.

  • I will advocate changing our Charter to provide for election of Council members by voters in their Districts.

  • I will not appropriate $750,000 to construct a traffic roundabout to reduce transient school morning traffic congestion along Quincy Avenue.

  • I will not require private landowners to bear the cost (by being forced to provide land without compensation) of public street improvements.

  • And I will not use Certificates of Participation (COPs) to by-pass state law requiring taxpayer approval for increases in the City’s long-term financial obligations.

Let’s recommit to responsive government, formally update our master plan, and ask citizens how they rank issues such as park and trail improvements, open space acquisition, undergrounding overhead power lines, enhancing police resources and public safety, planning and preservation of the Highline Canal tree canopy, traffic calming, and tax reduction.


Russell Stewart for Mayor

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